Welcome to the Party!

Texas Rangers Setup

Are you tired of always being the person that has to lug the grill, TV, ice chest or stereo to your tailgate party? Well look no further…Take partying & tailgating to a whole new level with DFW Party Trailers.

DFW Party Trailers offers a multitude of partying experiences for any celebration. For example, tailgating for your favorite sporting events, weddings and receptions, birthday parties, divorces, bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduations, having a baby, getting a sugar daddy, corporate events, trade shows, waiting to see who the baby’s daddy is, finally getting your degree. We cover it all.

The Trailer

We offer the full experience with almost no work at all. You want to use a custom playlist on your iPod for the party? We have that covered with a Sony radio, IPod connection & surround sound speakers that should do the trick. How about cooking for 15-20 of your closest friends or co-workers, huh, well that's covered too with our huge 8 burner grill. Maybe you couldn’t find a good deal on tickets, no problem because you have over 200 channels to find the game on our 2 HDTV'S. Maybe you own your own company and are trying to find a one-of-kind marketing idea, well here it is. DFW Party Trailers offers customization of our panels, canopy and stools to ensure you get the word out.

With DFW Party Trailers, you can party your way and we will clean up the mess.