What happens if it rains?

We do offer 50% refunds for weather concerns if given 48 hours notice. The refund doesn’t apply to any customizations such as panels or canopy’s.

How long can I keep the DFW Party Trailer?

Our standard rental includes 4 hours of rental service. Additional time is always available upon request prior to rental.

Do you deliver the DFW Party Trailer, or do I come pick it up?

Our rental service always includes delivery and pick-up in Dallas & Tarrant counties at no additional charge. Further distances may incur additional charges depending on rental details.

Who cleans up?

We do so enjoy!

Does the trailer have TVs?

DFW Party Trailers are equipped with an HDTV satellite which receives all channels in the area via DirecTV Network. You can even watch 2 different channels at one time on the 2 - 32’ HDTVs.

What if there is damage to one of my TVs, the grill or the speakers?

Our rental agreement requires that if anything is broken or stolen, the customer is responsible for the damage.

How late can we party on the trailer?

You will give up before we do!

Want a unique marketing idea?

DFW Party Trailers provides everything you need in one trailer. Our Promo Party Package will provide you with all the customizations you could want such as side panels, matching trailer canopy & seat covers, cozies, t-shirts and brochures to name a few. DFW Party Trailers creates an engaging experience for your potential customers in a laid-back environment. This always includes delivery, set-up and clean up after all events.

What do you need if I wanted you to put my custom logo on the trailer panels?

A high-resolution logo in vector format: EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) file is ideal. Any other type of file may be submitted at the highest resolution possible but quality cannot be guaranteed. Feel free to ask for more information.

Do you sell party rental trailers?

Absolutely! For franchising opportunities please give us a call.

What kind of food or drinks do you provide?

We can provide almost anything you can think of except alcoholic drinks. If there is a catering company you work with we can coordinate with them to ensure you have all the beer, wine or liquor you need.

Will you cut me a deal if I make multiple reservations at once?

Multiple bookings & multiple day rentals will always get special treatment.

Can you hook me up with a tailgating spot or tailgate parking?

We will do our best to get to the parking lots ahead of time to find a great location BUT it is best if you are there with us to give your input.

Where are your services provided?

We are willing to go anywhere for the right price!

Will you have a representative available at our party or will you just be leaving us alone?

We require our reps to always be a phone call away or within 10min of your event for questions, concerns or any complications should they arise.

Where can I see one of your DFW Party Trailers in person?

You can visit our next promo party or arrange a time to see the trailer in person by contacting us.

How long does it take to set up the trailer?

Very rarely does it take more than 30min.

How long does the DFW Party Trailer run?

Our Party Trailers will run all the equipment we provide for approximately 8 hours. For those hard core tailgaters we can provide the Honda 2000 which can handle days of fun.